Order Form for WooCommerce

Add responsive order forms to your WordPress WooCommerce shop with Order Form for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a great ecommerce solution for WordPress websites, but sometimes the shopping cart / basket model isn’t appropriate; a simple form can be better.

Purchase includes one year of automatic updates and support.

The examples are live forms so you can see what the plugin does! Give them a try, it’s a complete demonstration shop. Check out the different layouts too.

  • Items:
  • Subtotal:
Price per item $25.00
Extended price for item
Price per item $30.00
Extended price for item
Price per item $25.00
Extended price for item

WooCommerce à la cart orders

Simplify the ordering process with menu-style order forms. Customers pick how many of each product they want, and can see a running total at the bottom of the form. If you like, you can remove the shop and cart pages entirely, and just use an order form and the checkout page.

Order forms are a simple, faster ordering process for:

  • catering packs
  • bottles / cases of wine
  • cosmetics
  • grocery orders
  • landing pages for special offers
  • wholesale sales (with a WooCommerce wholesale pricing add-on)

Developer friendly

Easily add custom data and change labels, even completely rearrange the order form to fit your needs. We’ve followed the WooCommerce pattern of splitting templates into small pieces to make them easier to customise, and there are lots of action and filter hooks. Using action hooks makes it even easier to customise than hacking templates!

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