Order Form for WooCommerce

Order Form for WooCommerce

Create responsive order forms for your WooCommerce products

Display options

How the order form displays can be tailored to suit your website. There are several display options you can set, either for the whole website or individually per order form. Developers familiar with writing WordPress templates can also override the default order form template to completely customise the form display. See the shortcode reference in the manual for more details.

This form:

  • removes the image thumbnail
  • removes the product title link
  • adds a column for a row subtotal for each product
  • hides out-of-stock products
  • shows each product’s short description
  • replaces the quantity input with a checkbox for Individually Sold products

The shortcode for this form is:

[order_form_woocommerce showrowtotal=1 showimages=0 showproductlink=0 showoutofstock=0 showshortdesc=1 individual="checkbox"]

  • Items:
  • Subtotal:
Rubber Duckies

The classic bath toy that never goes out of fashion.

Price per item $2.50
Extended price for item
Our South African Birds

Printed in English and Afrikaans, with spaces for 150 cigarette cards.

Price per item $25.00
Extended price for item
Princess Nobody - A Tale of Fairy Land

Rare book, limited to one per order.

Price per item $30.00
Extended price for item
The State of Australia's Birds

2008 — A Five Year Review.

Price per item $25.00
Extended price for item

Available in round neck or v-neck.

Price per item $5.00$6.00
Extended price for item